Classroom Policies






1.     Successfully passing 4 years of Physical Education is a state requirement for all high school students.  (NJSA 18A: 35-7)

2.     Students are assigned to one teacher for the entire school year.

3.     Students will have two or three different physical education activities each quarter.

4.     The Physical Education Program offers a wide range of topics with an emphasis on life-time activities.

5.     Each ninth, eleventh and twelfth grade student will study Health I,  III or IV for one marking period.  An individual Health grade will appear on the report card.

6.     All tenth graders will have Drivers Education one marking period.





1.     Participation in class with proper attire (change from school clothes) and attitude.  Proper attire includes sneakers, shorts,

t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Inappropriate attire may include:  pajama pants/clothing (as stated in the student handbook), cut offs, jeans, flip flops, tank tops, sandals and jewelry.

2.     Medical Excuses.  Students who are medically restricted from participation in the regular Physical Education Program will be assigned an alternate form of assessment.

3.     Learn and apply the rules of each individual, team or cooperative activity.

4.  Active participation in class activity & demonstrating good effort

     allows the student to achieve maximum personal performance.

5.  Demonstrate the six facets of Character Education: honesty,

     perseverance, integrity, sportsmanship, respect and fairness.

6.     All students will participate in pre and post fitness testing.

7.     All students will be given written and skill tests pertaining to their class activity.

8.     All students will be given a mid-term(Q2) and final exam(Q4) that are 10% of that quarter and will be calculated into their grade.




Marking Period:

1.   Grades are based on: preparation, participation, fitness and cognitive and skill assessments.

          2.   Breakdown of components:

70% Participation

                             15% Written and Skill Assessment

                             15% Fitness Testing

          3. Grading system:

Every student begins with 100% credit.

Deductions are:

Unprepared: - 9 points (not changing for class or wearing sweats over school    clothes). 

Late:  - 3 points (late to locker room is school policy, late to attendance spot).

Lack of participation: - 3, points (lack of participate in warm-ups or part of class).

Lack of participation: -6, points not participating, standing in one spot not moving).

Other:           up to –9  Disruptive, cutting class, leaving without permission

Multiple infractions will jeopardize a student’s grade.


PE Activities may include:

Aerobics                       Fitness                                      Weight Training            Cooperative Games

Flag Football                 Floor Hockey                                     Tennis                          Soccer 

Volleyball                      Power Volleyball                      Yoga                            Power Walking Recreational Games  Project Adventure                     Badminton                    Speedball

Project Adventure            Non-Competitive Games              Softball                         Problem solving


Last Modified on September 25, 2009