Celebrating Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month


Join us at Piscataway High School as we recognize and celebrate Multilingual Learner Advocacy Month. Throughout this month, we acknowledge the diversity and richness that multilingual learners bring to our school community. Our counseling department is dedicated to supporting and advocating for students who are learning English as a new language. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where all students feel valued and empowered to succeed. Through awareness activities, resources, and support, we aim to promote linguistic diversity and cultural understanding. Let's celebrate the unique contributions of multilingual learners and continue to champion their educational journey.


Our department provides services to support our student's needs and help them create their educational plan while attending high school and while they transition to various post-secondary opportunities. 

Our specialized services include a College & Career Counselor, a Student Assistance Counselor, and Grade Level Counselors. 

Faride Hernandez
Faride Hernandez

Supervisor of Counseling, Grades 9-12
732-981-0700 x 2231

Diana Nehrebecki 

HIB Specialist & SAC
732-981-0700 ext.2029

Piscataway High School