Hartje, Noelle

Welcome to Miss Hartje's Class Website!

2019 - 2020
Subjects:  Health and Physical Education
Grade Level: 11
Sports Coached:
PHS Gymnastics - Head Coach - Fall
PHS Boys/Girls Swimming - Assistant Coach - Winter

Contact Information:
E-mail: Nhartje@pway.org
Phone: (732)981-0700 x 2262

The best way to contact me is via e-mail

Students may discuss their Health/PE grade with me any time before and/or after school.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 6:45am to 7:10am
Monday, Wednesday - Friday 1:45pm to 2:00pm             

Teaching Schedule
Period 2 - Junior Health/PE
Period 3 - Junior Health/PE
Period 4 - Junior Health/PE
Period 5 - Junior Health/PE 
Period 6 - Junior Health/PE
Period 7 - Junior Health/PE

Health/PE ​grades are updated in Genesis on a daily basis! 

Please wear sneakers and appropriate fitness clothing for Physical Education.   

PE Grading Policy (Daily)
Genesis "Codes":

100% - Full credit  = 0 (Zero points LOST)
U - Unprepared (has sneakers) = -3 points
LATE - Unexcused (No warm-ups) = -3 points
U/0 - Unprepared (and/or no sneakers)
and no effort/lack of effort = Up to -9 points
E-1 to E-6 - Lack of effort  = -1 to -6 points 

CUT - Missing from PE 10+ mins  = -9 points
EC+1 to EC+5 - Extra Credit earned

Miss Hartje's PE Grade Breakdown
100% - Participation & Effort

For Miss Hartje's Health and PE Syllabi click Useful Links

Health & PE
I <3 PE



Miss Hartje will be teaching Health Education during the 3rd marking period to Junior students in the Anthony Building, room F-129 .  

Please check your class period's Schoology page on a daily basis for Health Information, assignments and announcements. 

Health Topics 2019 - 2020:

Junior Health:
Unit 1 - Wellness
Personal Growth and Development

Unit 2 - Integrated Skills
Advocacy and Service
Health Services and Information

Unit 3 - Drugs and Medicine
Dependency/Addiction and Treatment

Unit 4 - Human Sexuality and Relationships
Be Healthy
Classroom Announcements:
 Be Prepared
Be Motivated
Be Respectful
Show Good Effort
Pay Attention
Enjoy Learning!