Smith, Daniel

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Subject: Physical Education/Health

Contact Information: The best way to reach me is via email.
Phone: (732) 981-0700 ext. 2261

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- Parents and Students my name is Mr. Smith. I am a  graduate of Montclair State University and as well as teach, I coach varsity wrestling here at PHS. Our classes will be in the Anthony Gym for the first 3 marking periods and then will have health the 4th marking period.

- Some of the activities and sports we will be covering will be flag football, soccer, kickball, floor hockey, volleyball, weight training/fitness, speedball, basketball, badminton, fitness testing, and softball.

 In order for your son or daughter to be successful in my class they must do the following every day:

 1. Come to class on time and with the proper P.E. attire
 2. Complete the warm ups and stretch before our activity
 3. Participate within the assigned activity for that class
 4. Show respect to all levels of abilities during the activity
 5. Finally, HAVE FUN!
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