HS Math Online Prep Resources (*optional*)

The following assignments have been created within Delta Math to provide you with practice and instructional video resources to help you prepare for your math course! These results are not monitored and the "assignments" are completely optional; however, it is a valuable way for you to become proficient in mathematics, either for preparing in the summer or studying while taking the course! 

*Please note that these assignments are not the REQUIRED summer packets for honors/AP courses*

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Go to: https://www.deltamath.com/ and enter Class Code747048
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Course Name Assignment Name
 Algebra 1 Extra Help Resources  Algebra 1 Skills Prep *Optional* 
 Geometry Extra Help Resources Geometry Skills Prep *Optional* 
 Algebra 2 Extra Help Resources Algebra 2 Skills  Prep *Optional* 
 Precalculus Extra Help Resources Precalculus Skills  Prep *Optional* 
 Calculus Extra Help Resources Calculus Skills  Prep *Optional* 
 Computer Science Extra Help Resources Computer Science Skills  Prep *Optional* 
Statistics  Extra Help Resources  Statistics Skills  Prep *Optional*