Child Study Team/Related Service Providers

The department  has 7 child study team (CST) members, including learning disability teacher consultant, social workers, transition coordinator/counselors and a psychologist.  These team members work with teachers and parents to develop an individualized education plan (IEP) for each classified student.  They also monitor the progress of the student and re-evaluate the IEP accordingly. 

Piscataway High School Child Study Team

(732) 981-0700


Evelina Goitia                 Pupil Services Secretary                             x2271

Magdalena Adamczyk     LDTC                                                           x2028

Jennifer Fraticelli              Transition Coordinator/Counselor              x2450

Amy Stemper                    Psychologist                                              x2268

Doreen Thaxton               Social Worker                                             x2279

Maryann Thein                 Social Worker                                             x2272

Brian Wischusen              Transition Coordinator/Counselor              x2224


Piscataway High School Related Service Providers


Lindsy Buggey                 Speech Language Specialist              x2251

Susan Vieira                    Occupational Therapist                        x2271

Shannon Mengak           Teacher of the Deaf and                      x2069
                                        Hard of Hearing               

Jessica Jankech            Teacher of the Blind and VI                 x2069
                                        Orientation and Mobility Instructor