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Our world has transitioned to a global community; knowledge of a world language opens gateways to human understanding and offers new perspectives to dealing with everyday realities of life. World language study is not only a means by which to attain a richer experience of life, but a platform for developing the soft skills many employers are seeking.  Communicating in languages other than English is imperative in order to understand the perspectives of a culture that generate its patterns of behavior, ways of life, worldviews, and contributions.  Proficiency in a World Language is a means to gain knowledge that can only be acquired through that language and its culture. 

We believe that the study of a world language plays an essential role in the intellectual development and total enrichment of the individual. Students should be provided the means to pursue world language study to the extent that their interests and abilities permit. An effective world languages program recognizes individual differences in learning patterns and abilities, tailoring courses to students with diverse needs and interests. We endeavor to provide a comprehensive, well-articulated and coordinated world language program that not only leads with culture, is standards-based, student centered, encourages proficiency gains and measurable results but is also a rewarding and satisfying experience for each learner.  Through language study, students make connections with other content areas, compare the language and culture studied with their own and participate in home and global communities.

The World Languages program at Piscataway High School offers students opportunity to study Chinese, French, Italian or Spanish.  We offer Honors as well as AP courses.  Learners have the opportunity to participate in various international travels. We have exchange programs with our sister schools in China or Spain as well as opportunities to visit Italy, Quebec and France.  

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