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,Bilingual Educators Summit July 20-24

Virtual Learning Strategies
for World Language Teachers

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FREE SUMMER PD TRAINING SESSIONS Learn How to Engage your students and increase Proficiency.

Upcoming Training Sessions:
How to introduce Afro-Latino Culture to your students 
Date: Wednesday, 6/24/20
Time: 7: 00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm CDT, 4:00 pm PST. 

Kahoot! New features to engage your WL students. 
Date: Thursday, 6/25/20
Time: 7: 00 pm EDT, 6:00 pm CDT, 4:00 pm PST. 




Apart but Together: Expanding Our Community
A FREE Virtual Summit hosted by the National Foreign Language Center featuring presentations from the regional world language conferences JULY 21-23
The aim of this virtual summit is to collectively share effective ideas and teaching strategies that will rebuild
classroom community, meet challenges around opportunity gaps and learning gaps, and move learners forward along the proficiency continuum.

PEARL (Professionals in Education Advancing Research and Language Learning) Summer Institute -

Facilitated by Laura Terrill

What is essential? A time of unprecedented change gives educators a chance to rethink what they do and why they do it. Paradigm shifts related to curriculum, instruction and assessment occur not for the sake of change, but because current reality is different. This workshop will highlight two key principles from the Coalition of Essential Schools. “Less is more” and “student as worker, teacher as coach” in order to gain insights into what might be possible as we move forward. Apply these principles by determining essential functions with unit and lesson goals that address the start of what may be a very different school year. Design lessons that address the three modes for implementation in the classroom or online.

Story-Listening is a well-researched approach to language teaching developped by Beniko Mason based on Stephen Krashen’s Input Hypothesis. It uses time-tested tales to provide Optimal Input.
Introductory Tutorials

-An Invitation to Story-Listening
-Classroom Demonstrations

Developing Proficiency & Engagement in a Hybrid Setting by Extempore

Moving to a hybrid teaching model this fall? Are you a world language educator? This webinar series is for you. Whether you’re not sure where to begin or simply looking for some additional guidance, join us! Each session is led by a rock-star world language instructor. 

This FREE webinar series will be taking place Monday, June 29th through Thursday, July 2nd. 

Note: If you want to attend but can’t make it, don’t worry. By registering for a session you will automatically receive a recording of the webinar and all of the presenter’s handouts! 

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