Teacher Technology Assistance

Tech Help

Do you need help with Schoology, your smartboard, or any other technology related program or application that you use in your class?
 Please visit a tech coordinator at the following locations / times: 
  • Period 1: Gwen Sylvan: G116  G Wing

  • Period 2: Adrian Lojko and Brinder Soin "Genius Bar" - G Wing; 

  • After School:  "Tech Wednesday" - this takes place after school every Wednesday from 2-3 (Locations and tech coordinators vary - check your email for updates.

  • Schedule an appointment with Chris Irovando or any of the building tech coordinators (contact information below)

  • In addition, please feel free to join our Curricular Genius Bar group on Schoology. This will allow all dates to be available via the calendar. The access code is 34KB6-T89T7

New Student Password Requests:
  • All PHS Educators have access to a continuously updated password list for students who enter the school mid-year.  Please click on the PHS Staff class through Schoology, click on "Materials", click on the "Student Logins" folder, download the excel spreadsheet that is posted, click on the student grade level, find their name alphabetically. 

Ink/Toner Requests:
  • Does your printer/fax have a silver ATLANTIC MPS sticker on it? If so, please call the 1-866 number for supplies. Be sure you know where they will drop off the box! Have them place your room number on the invoice.

  • No sticker? No problem! Please email ITsupport@pway.org. Include your name, room number, printer model and cartridge number in the body of the request. The subject must read "Ink Request".

Technical Support:
  • If you are in need of technical support, please email ITsupport@pway.org. Include your name, room number, computer model and specific issue in the body of the request. The subject must read "Technical Support Needed".
Genesis Portal FAQ:
  • I forgot my signature pin! What do I do?
    If you forgot your signature pin, you need to contact your Genesis System Administrator of your school district. They will be able to reset your pin. This person currently is Patty Weston (pweston@pway.org).  Once they have done this, you can log in, go to the "Security" tab and create a new signature pin. You will not have to change your signature to do this.

Printer Issues:
  • If you have a silver Atlantic MPS sticker, please call the 1-866 number for service. No sticker? Please email ITsupport@pway.org Include your name, room number, printer model and specific issue in the body of the request. The subject must read "Printer Issue".

For all other inquiries, contact your wing technology coordinator.