Mythology & Composition

Course Description: Composition & World Mythology consists of myths, heroes' tales and legends that represent a society’s social mores, cultural and moral values recorded in literary form.  Students will explore the mythologies of Greece, Rome, the Middle East, Northern Europe, the British Isles, the Far East and Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Americas. Students will also be required to view films that transmit the myths of various cultures in both Hollywood and non-Hollywood cinema.

Some texts students will read include:
  • Gilgamesh 
  • Creation Myths
  • Arthurian Legends
  • Greek Heroes
  • Trickster Myths
  • American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang

Students will also be exposed to various supplemental works that include non-fiction. poetry and fiction readings, research and various art forms to broaden their understanding of the subject matter. 

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