About Us

Who We Are

The Haven is an outpatient mental health clinic residing in Piscataway High School. 

Today’s children and adolescents face many pressures and challenges - including academic, emotional, interpersonal, and behavioral challenges.  In order to help children navigate these stressors, the Piscataway Board of Education established the Haven in 2009, a partnership with the Rutgers University Center for Applied Psychology to help enhance student success and well-being. 

Our Services

We serve Piscataway public school students grades kindergarten through twelfth, providing individual, group, and family counseling, consultation to district staff and parents/guardians, crisis intervention, and district-wide professional development workshops. 

Haven services are driven by the goals developed by and for each child, their family, and their teachers.  We consult and collaborate with students, caregivers, teachers, school staff, and outside service providers to help improve students’ academic, social, and emotional development. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe environment where students and families can speak freely about the difficulties they are encountering and receive support and specific guidance on issues ranging from stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, depression, identity issues, relationship challenges, ADHD, and behavior issues. 

The Haven Staff/Counselors

Patrick Connelly, Psy.D. 
Director of The Haven Program
Deanna Kelley, Haven Secretary

Post-Doctoral Psychologists
Benjy Leibowitz, Psy.D.
Emily Morgan, Psy.D.
Thomas Gambino, Psy.D.

Full-Time Doctoral-Level Interns
Anindita Chaudhuri, Psy.M.
Christina Barone, Psy.M. 
Courtney Cross, Psy.M. 

Part-Time Doctoral-Level Counselors
Brittany Wesnitzer, M.A. 
David Asamoah-Duodu, Psy.M.
David Siegel 
Jong Lee, MSW
Melanie Rosen, M.A.
Rebecca Khiralla
Shoshana Mayer