Visual & Performing Arts


Rebekah Sterlacci
K-12 Supervisor of Visual & Performing Arts
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 2807

Visual Arts
Dorothy Amme
AP Art, Drawing & Painting I, Drawing & Painting II
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7090

Sandra Guevara
Graphic Design I, Graphic Design II
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7091

Justin Lee
Print & Production I, Graphic Design I
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7177

Lisa Lentini-Pombrio
AP Art-2D, Photo Design I, Photo Design II
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7092

Gwen Sylvan
Drawing & Painting I, Multimedia & Animation
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7145

Mary Wartenburg

Ceramics I, Ceramics II
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7057

Performing Arts
Edward Gornick
Concert Band, Orchestra, Symphonic Band, School of Rock, Guitar
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x2383

Jessica Pantaliano
Intro to Dance, Dance II, Dance III
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 7179

Dr. Christopher Sumner
AP Music Theory, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Creating Music with Technology
[email protected]
732-981-0700 x. 2258

Megan Suozzo
Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Advanced Women’s Ensemble, Concert Choir, Music by Design
[email protected]
732-981-0700  x. 2816
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