Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit Programs

For students who are interested in earning college credits for courses taken at Piscataway High School, the concurrent credit program is available to students who meet specific departmental prerequisite requirements. In this program, teachers become adjunct professors for local colleges and universities with the curriculum taught at the high school following the college syllabus. The cost of tuition is absorbed by the student’s family. 

Students who earn the minimum final grade for the course are awarded high school credits along with three or four college credits (depending on the course), which are generally transferable to two- or four-year colleges. 

The following courses are currently offered for concurrent credit:

  • Mathematics Department: College Algebra, Precalculus
  •  English Department: College Writing (H)
  • Business Department: Honors Accounting; Business Organization, and Management (Honors)
  • Science Department: Anatomy & Physiology I for the Health Science Careers (H); Anatomy & Physiology II for the Health Science Careers (H)

Students registered in courses eligible for dual-enrollment credit have two options:

They can take the dual-enrollment course for high school credit only. 
They can pay the course tuition and receive both high school and college credit.

2024-2025 Program of Studies

High School Scholars at Middlesex College

Students who are interested in obtaining college credit, but are not enrolled in a dual enrollment course may do so through the Honors Scholars program. Students must be at least 15 years of age and in the second semester of their Sophomore year.
Please note that students cannot obtain both high school and college credit credit when utilizing this program. 

For more information, please see the High School Scholars site. 

For information about in-state transfer, go to www.njtransfer.org. For information about out-of-state transfer, please contact the Registrar at the receiving institution.