Summer/Online Courses

Summer/Online Courses
Students taking courses in Mathematics during the summer/online must also successfully pass a competency assessment to receive credit. In addition, students taking a Math and/or English course in the summer/online must also take the summer PARCC for Math and/or English.

Please read and complete the
Summer/Online MATH Competency Letter and Acknowledgement Form and return it to your student's counselor before enrolling in a summer and/or online course. 

List of Recommended Summer and Online Course Providers: You can select your summer and/or online course from the list of recommended providers.

Competency Assessment Review:  Before taking the competency exam visit the link below for an understanding of the skill sets required to pass the assessment.
Math Competency Review

Math Advancement/Competency Exam
Click the link to register to take the Math Summer Advancement/Competency Exam