SWAG Program


Students Working to Achieve Greatness (SWAG)

The Students Working to Achieve Greatness (SWAG) Program started in 2011 as an alternative placement option for Piscataway High School students, who in the past may have been placed in out-of-district programs to meet their needs. This model currently focuses on a restorative approach that addresses the therapeutic needs of the students in the program as well as provides the opportunity for more individualized instruction provided by faculty. This restorative approach also centers on the relationships and people that are violated when disciplinary infractions occur. There is an opportunity to focus on student needs and obligations that may precipitate disciplinary consequences and utilize any opportunities to repair harm.

The vision of the SWAG program is for all students to have opportunities for success. The mission of the SWAG Program is to merge standards for student behavior, counseling services and a thorough academic curriculum to support the social, emotional, and academic development of the enrolled students in a non-traditional environment; while still allowing students to remain in the familiar surroundings of their home school.

Program Supervisor:

Faride Hernandez, Supervisor of College, Career, and Personal Guidance
[email protected] 

SWAG Coordinator/Social Worker:

Rachel Methner
[email protected]